Lee Strumski 

Lee Strumski is a highly accomplished keyboard 
player and vocalist who is equally at home performing with top rock bands or 
playing solo jazz piano. Utilizing the latest in MIDI technology, 
Lee combines his vast musical expertise with 
computer-recorded tracks (all arranged and recorded by the artist himself) 
to produce the full sound of a multi-piece band.  The equipment Lee utilizes is of the very highest quality. The sound is superb  rich and commanding  and always 
the perfect volume for your event whether it is a 3000 seated 
auditorium or an intimate party. 

Lee began his musical career in 1969 when he was just 14 years old.  He worked with various rock and commercial acts during most of the seventies in and around the Tri-State area of Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.  He did extensive work in the Pocono Mountain area in resort hotels such as Caesar's, World Resorts (Paradise Streams, Cove Haven, Pocono Palace, and Brookdale), the Mount Airy Family (Mt. Airy Lodge, Strickland's, and Pocono Palace), Penn Hills, Fernwood, Birchwood,  The Summit, Daniel's Family Resort and others, as well as 
major hotels in various cities of the Northeast.

Although performing full time Lee was still able to attain a Batchelor's Degree in Music from Wilkes University and a Masters Degree in Music from Marywood College. After graduation he taught school for many years but his heart was always in performance, so several years ago he left the classroom and began devoting his time and energy to music. 

Lee traveled extensively as a member of a number of show bands, such as Andy Dio and Peace Of Mind, The Don Russell Movement, Angel and Russell, and others.  Lee played major show rooms from Sheraton-Tara chain in Boston to Frenchman's Reef in St. Thomas.  Also, during this time he performed in piano bars in cities such as Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York, Pittsburgh, Boston, Hartford, etc., up and down the east coast.  Lee formed and directed a very popular group 
called "Take Four" and a highly successful duo called  "Just Visiting". 

In the early nineties Lee joined forces with the highly successful rock group 
"Strawberry Jam" performing extensively throughout the New England and Mid-Atlantic States. They opened for acts such as Crosby, Stills and Nash, Lynard Skynard,  Bob Weir and Rob Wasseman, Edgar Winter, Little Feat,  Mark Farner (of Grand Funk Railroad) and many more. 
In the mid-nineties they released their CD of original songs titled 
"Spread the Jam" . Following his departure from "Strawberry Jam" Lee set to work on his solo act.

He began to travel again in 1995, assuming the position of resident professional at Seaspray Resort, Palm Beach Shores. In 1997, Lee assumed  the position of resident musician at Marriott Key Largo Bay Beach Resort. He has been in great demand both in and out of the country, performing his solo act in 5 Star Hotels and venues. In 2001 Lee was hired to perform on the prestigious Seabourn Pride,  a 200-passenger 5 star cruise ship. He spent the year cruising South America and Europe and then returned to performing at various resort hotels in the Florida Keys.

From 2002-2006 Lee teamed up with the Canadian songstress, Jill Galt, and enjoyed great success, both performing at the major 5-Star Resorts in the Keys such as Cheeca Lodge, Casa Marina, Key West Hyatt & many others. Short stints on various cruise lines filled in the off-season months.

In July 0f 2006, Lee decided to return once more to his Northeastern Pennsylvania home and joined forces with Group du Jour, the #1 Show Band working the Ceaser's World Pocono Resorts. This relationship lasted until the sale of Ceaser's Pocono Resorts in 2011.  From then until  spring 2015, Lee performed solo, working the trip-state area NY/NJ/Penna. March 2015 saw Lee's return to South Florida & he currently performs in venues from Stuart to Miami. A cordial invitation is extended to one & all to come out, enjoy our climate, have a beach drink & enjoy Lee's extensive repertoire of the music we all love.  

Why Choose Live Music instead of a DJ?

When looking for special event entertainment, many people today are pleasantly surprised to find that live music is more affordable 
then they might have initially thought.

The myth that DJ entertainment is always less expensive than live entertainment just doesn't hold true anymore. While live entertainment costs have held steady or even slightly declined over the past several years, there has been a fairly steady rise in the costs for DJ entertainment. It is true that with a DJ you will 
normally have less people to pay, but with the introduction of more elaborate sound systems, DJ teams, dancers, giveaway gimmicks and light shows, 
many DJs offer packages which are more expensive 
than hiring live musicians.  

Most importantly, there is a fundamental reason that DJs have had to improve their offerings and consequently increase their overall cost. DJ entertainment 
simply does not carry the overall 'entertainment value' 
of a live musical performance. 
This is an often overlooked but important point to consider 
when planning a special event. 
Here's why: 
At any special event, inevitably, your guests will be comprised of a 
'mixed crowd' varying in, among other things, age, ethnicity, 
background as well as their desire to be reserved or outgoing. 
For some guests the music will spawn activity and 
they will spend the majority of their time on the dance floor. 
For others, who might have less of a desire to dance, live music 
provides an equally enjoyable concert or 
lounge-type atmosphere. The bottom line is that live 
entertainment is both a participatory activity and 
a spectator sport all rolled into one.

 This is the unequalled 'entertainment value' of live music. 
It is clearly demonstrated by the millions of people who attend concerts, symphonies, outdoor festivals, jazz clubs, night clubs to hear live entertainers perform each year. There is an inherent  power and energy in live entertainment that captivates 
and appeals to the audience. 

So, when planning for your next event, be sure to check the prices and think about the overall 'entertainment value' you want to give your guests. Live entertainment is sure to make your special event a more memorable and satisfying 
experience for your guests.  
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Lee Strumski is a multi-talented  entertainer who can turn your evening into an event! 

Whether it is a no-holds barred, high energy evening of rock and roll dance music, a cabaret floor show followed by a dance or an intimate night of soothing classical/jazz piano music, Lee's extensive repertoire, professional presentation 
and exciting style are just what you need!

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